Interested in Cryptocurrencies? There is a Job For You as Openings Double

Cryptocurrency jobs

As the cryptocurrency market is booming all over the world, so are the jobs that go along with it. ICO’s earn millions of dollars, and there jobs that are required to keep up with the growth.

Report from AngelList is showing that the job listings in cryptocurrency doubled in 2017 compared to 2016, and it’s not even year end.

Why you should be excited?

There are also benefits working in cryptocurrency area, besides getting an actual job.

  • Higher Salaries – 10-20% Above industry average
  • Flexibility and remote work – Work from home options
  • Coins as compensation – Get coins and watch them grow

No need for technical knowledge

There are about 1/3 of the positions that require no technical knowledge at all. Most of the companies require big interest in Cryptocurrencies and willingness to learn it.

They mention: “Usually, deep knowledge of the Blockchain is not a requirement. Companies are looking for a willingness to learn, ability to contribute right off the bat, and genuine interest in the market.”

Main technical roles include:

  • Blockchain Engineer
  • Full-stack Developers
  • Front-end Developer

You can read the full report here. The report doesn’t only give us insight on job openings, but also the cryptocurrency market in general, which is showing exponential growth on all areas.