Media Network Token


Dear community,

based on our existing alpha product:, we have observed serious issues in the existing quality of content on the market. Therefore, we have decided to bring a new platform on the market that will help users create better content.

We are introducing a new token called Media Network Token (MNT) that will enable writers to build content of superior quality and receive tokens for their contributions.


We will give both readers and authors the option to suggest new content: for example, suggesting the title of an article, some information about the article content, and the desired length of the article. The article proposer will have an option to choose the length of the funding period. Articles about some current event, for instance, might not be inter- esting anymore after a relatively short period, while some more general content might still draw interest for years and can afford a longer funding period.

After the suggestion is created, a funding period will start. In this period, the readers will have an option to fund the content they want to read about. The articles collecting suf cient funds during the designated period will be considered the ones that reader wants to read about.

By contributing a small amount, the readers will allocate their money to “vote” on the content that interests them. By distributing the desired amount between many interest- ed readers, the amount contributed by a single person for a single article can be relatively small, but proportional to how much does the content interest them. If a suggested con- tent does not raise the suggested amount of funds, all the funds collected are returned to the contributors.

By making the readers pay a small amount for the creation of content, we also ensure the highest possible amount of original content. Any content that can be easily found on other sites does not receive funding. A high amount of original content will bring new readers to the site, contributing to a network effect and spreading our site further.

The authors will then be able to start contributing to the content. An article will be written in a wiki style, making it possible for multiple authors to contribute. The percentage that each author has contributed will be visible and veri able on the blockchain, making it pos- sible to fairly distribute the allocated funds between the authors. Readers/fund contributors will be able to vote on the written content.

The articles that have been successfully written and have received the suf cient number of votes, will be published on the platform. If a certain article was not written in the designated time, the original fund contributors will be able to vote on a deadline extension. There will be an option for unlimited number of deadline extensions. However, while the rst deadline extension will only require the majority (over 50%) of fund contributors to vote in its favour, any subsequent extensions will require approval of all of the readers that contributed funds for the speci c article.

If an article will not be nished or approved after the deadline or a deadline extension has expired, the funds will be returned to the contributors.
Some articles will become outdated over time. At the same time that new articles can be suggested, article improvement requests can be suggested and funded. It is important for the old version of the article to stay available to the readers. The original fund contributors might not want to see any changes in the content they have paid for.

Payment Distribution:

  • Coinjoker fee: 20% of MNT
  • Writer: 80% of MNT
  • (optional) – Artist: 15% of MNT
  • (optional) – Proofreader: 15% of MNT

    Writer can select his co-workers when writing his article. In this case, he gets 50% of all contributions in the MNT, whereas other contributions are shared among Artist or Proofreader.

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