MyTrackNet implements a unique reward mechanism!


Technology continues to change the world as we know it, and the average person now possesses more devices than ever before. Those magical items are now a part of our daily lives and can also store all our most treasured memories. Unfortunately, with so many products on our person at any given time, the likelihood of loss or theft is a lot higher than most people would like.

Very little can be done to prevent those unwanted situations from occurring. However, MyTrackNet is an App that aims to repair the damage by ensuring the safe return of those items.


The Concept

Over the last few years, the idea of placing trackers on products has become fairly common. Millions of people now have tracker devices on their house keys or other valuables. In turn, with the use of an App and sound alarms, it’s possible to find them without spending hours turning the house upside down. Unfortunately, if you lose those items while out of range, there’s no chance of recovering them. Until now.

The MyTrackNet App takes the idea one step further by harnessing the power of people. By building a community of users, lost items can now be found by any member of the network. Essentially, if a person walks by a registered lost item, they can locate it and then return it to the owner.

In short: the user’s chances of finding their lost or stolen goods just became a lot better.

How It Works

With the help of MyTrackNet, people can log their lost items into the system. These don’t have to be Bluetooth items either, and could even include pets or humans. Likewise, people that don’t have a bluetooth tracker attached to their loss can have items manually added, showing its last known location on the map.

In turn, registered users in the vicinity receive a notification from the App, which works in the background of smartphone and tablet devices and passively or actively start looking for it. This creates what is known as a crowd GPS system, meaning that a larger area is covered by a variety of people within the network.

Once the items are located, the two parties can connect via the network to arrange the safe return of the lost product or person and to make the transaction if there is a reward for the item.

Why It Will Work

The main issue regarding the lost and found community revolves around the incentive for people to get involved. For many, helping out others in need is enough motivation, especially if they believe in karma. In reality, though, there needs to be more. This is why MyTrackNet stands out from other communities.

When a user finds and returns an item using MyTrackNet, they are rewarded with MTN. The bounty is announced when the product is logged, so people can see that incentive straight away. The cryptocurrency can be exchanged for others, such as Bitcoin, or even USD or EUR.

Members even get a small reward simply for having the App running and being available to see those potential bounties and passively search for lost Bluetooth devices. Those incentives keep the coverage at a constantly high level. For anyone that has ever lost any possession in the past, it should be easy to appreciate the power of that community.

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